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Building International Recognition
EuroCHRIE Congress 2003
proudly hosted by the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn
was a HUGE success
Why not take a look below?

A special edition of the Campus News
highlights the 'measures of success' of this event.

"Press releases prior to the congress"
12.09.2003 EuroCHRIE Congress 2003 (Text German)
26.09.2003 Internationale Bildungsmesse Hotellerie, Tourismus & Luftverkehr (Text German)
17.10.2003 Offizielle Eröffnungszeremonie EuroCHRIE Congress 2003(Text German)
24.10.2003 Studenten organisieren internationalen Kongress (Text German)
"Key note speeches"
23.10.2003 By Klaus Jürgen Meyer
General Manager, European Rail Freight Association (ERFA)
“How do we live in the global world?”
23.10.2003 By Carsten Spohr
Vice President Strategy & Alliances Deutsche Lufthansa
“Partnering! The Alliance Strategy of Deutsche Lufthansa AG”
23.10.2003 By Dr. John D. Haeger
President, Northern Arizona University
“Reflections on the Internationalization of Higher Education Today”
23.10.2003 Prof. Dr. Peter Thuy
Founding Dean International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn
“One-way-ticket to Bologna”
"Pictures / Impressions"
22.10.2003 Let's meet again! Networking on the Rhine
23.10.2003 Let's start! Opening Ceremony
23.10.2003 Let's network! Education meets Industry Dinner
24.10.2003 Let's cook! An extraordinary chef in an extraordinary kitchen
24.10.2003 Let's work! Parallel Session (Thursday & Friday)
24.10.2003 Let's party! Gala Dinner
25.10.2003 Let's go there! International Education Fair
25.10.2003 Let's get involved! Student Involvemment

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